What is Revivasol and How Does it Work?

The manufacturer claims that Revivasol is one of the best products on the market for helping you to not only turn back the clock on aging but also stop the clock all together. Studies by the manufacturer indicate that the product can provide a 267% increase in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the body. The product has also been shown to increase the synthesis of collagen IV in the body by up to 327%. Studies also indicate that continued use of the product can stimulate an increase in the synthesis of overall amounts of collagen in the face and neck by up to 117%.

The product is fragrance free, paraben free, never tested on animals, and has no artificial coloring. This makes it safe for all skin types, and it’s even safe for people who have sensitive skin. The company claims that the blend of copper and a major antioxidant complex blend in the proprietary formula is responsible for helping increase collagen production and change the way your skin looks and feels over just a short period of time. The product works to reduce the number and appearance of age (or liver) spots on the face and neck, and to reduce the appearance and generation of wrinkles and fine lines in the same areas. Regular use of Revivasol is also reported to reduce additional imperfections in the skin and to even tighten up your pores so that your complexion becomes clearer naturally and on its own over time.

Revivasol is easy to use, requiring only that users wash and dry their face and apply the product, allowing to dry before applying makeup or doing other tasks, and to do this routine twice a day. Just ten minutes a day, according to the instructions, can change your skin for a lifetime.

My Results With Revivasol

One of the best things our readers can do is e-mail us their experiences with products. Here is a recent testimonial:

‘I wanted to do something to make my skin look healthier. Look, I’m not “old,” I’m only 30 but my skin was getting really beaten down and I was looking much older than I should have about the time I turned 30. I chocked it up to stress, little sleep, and working on my masters degree. So it was time to do something to make a permanent change. I decided to get the Revivasol free trial bottle to start because it looked so simple. I could give ten minutes a day to making my skin look clearer and healthier, and to getting rid of the horrible crow’s feet and other wrinkles I was starting to show. And it worked for me. I have looked this good since I was 20!’ Clare M. – Denver, CO


Revivasol, when used as directed, provides results that prove the product works. It is a natural product that is safe for all skin types, and is clinically tested. We give this product our recommendation because it does what it says it will do and doesn’t leave you with any nasty side effects; not to mention, it has a satisfaction guarantee and a Revivasol free trial.

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